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cuc in refugium good idea?


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Hey all, I have some massive algae growth in my refuigum in my bc29, was just wondering if people put snails or crabs back there? Would the cuc eat my macro? I have my refugium set up to come on at night, idk if the crabs/snails sleep and if i put them back there would it mess up their circadian rhythm or do fish or crabs or snails even have these idk? Any opinions would be greatly appreciated thank you.

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i have snails and a couple hermits in my fuge, but its 6 gallons. It's lit 24/7 and they don't care (neither do I) but I donno if they will mess with your pump / return situation, but it should be ok.

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It seems I read that most people don't but I through a Turbo snail back there because he kept knocking all my crap over and he really is cleaning the heck out of the fuge.

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IMO, hermits are not a great idea. Refugiums are meant to be refuges for pods and algae from predators/herbivores that are in the display tank. Some snails that just eat microalgae off the walls/rocks may be okay.

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