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Lime Green Algae on Live Rock


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I have a 20G long tank, with 15LBS of live rock. I've had my tank for about 2 months now and recently some lime green algae started to grow on my live rock and a little bit on my sand. I'll be adding some pictures so you guys can see what I'm talking about. Can anyone tell me what type of algae this is? Its not hairy algae, it looks more like if its part of the live rock. My snails won't even eat it and the weird thing is that it comes right off when I scratch it with my nail. I test my water everyday, my Nitrate is 0, my PH is at 8.2, calcium is between 460 and 520, and my salinity is at 1.24



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It sounds like microalgae. It's common and causes no harm. Eventually, coralline algae will out compete it, but that can take awhile. Herbivorous cleanup crews will usually feed on it, although they might not get rid of it. What type of snails to you have?

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Cool! Thanks for the quick reply.


I have 3 Turbo snails, 5 Astrea snails, and 5 hermit crabs.


This is how my rock looks right now. post-52101-1270587605_thumb.jpg

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The rock looks good. The Turbos and Astrea Snails are likely feeding off of it (just not clearing it). Hermits will be more interested in left over food.

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