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Cultivated Reef

working with bare emitters


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how can you do this?


between the eletrical isolation and eletrical pads being on the back how do you work with emitters without the star?

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Depends on the LED you are working with. Luxeon I/III/V/K2 and SSC P4 LEDs are easy. Electrically isolate the thermal pad and bend the tabs up and solder to them. Crees, and Luxeon Rebels are a bit harder. With XR-Es, you can sand off the electrical contacts on the bottom, and clip the corners (there are vias that run top to bottom in the corners). You can then solder to the top. Rebels, and XP series LEDs have the same priciple as the XR-Es, but are a lot harder to work with.

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Rebels have a thermal pad that is electrically isolated, but they're not fun to try and solder, being a surface mount part. Slight trade-off I suppose.

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