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New Setup


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I am picking up the following this weekend:


29gallon biocube

biocube stand

Original hood w/lights - I never used this so like new

Sunpod 150watt light fixture w/LED moonlights and Phoenix 14kbulb

I turned the middle chamber into a refugium so you will get the 13watt fuge light w/timer and cheato

Octopus BH-1000 hang on back protein skimmer (bought last year for $160)

Koralia #1 powerhead

I upgraded the factory return pump to a rio that comes with a hydor flo

Ebo-Jager heater


(KILLER deal, this is just the equipment that comes with it.)


Now, I can keep pretty much anything with this light, right? Do I need actinics? How would I supplement them if I do need them?


I'm really clueless about lights...

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I have that light over my 29g biocube and you can keep anything you want under it. You do not need actinics if you do not want them.

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Do most people add them? They are what really make the color pop right?


If I were to add them, would I just get another fixture? I have access to a 20" coralife fixture, but feel that would be overkill, lol

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I don't think its necessary with a good MH bulb. The phoenix, IME, gives great color. I don't run any actinics.

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Ok sounds good! Man, I am so excited for this tank! I got everything for only $325. And like I said, I only have the equipment listed!


Thanks for the advice!

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