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any suggestions...


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i try doing a water change by my sympoon doesnt always work.. sometimes ill shake it 4 times and it works right away but others it takes like 100 tries until my arm gets tired.... any ideas why??

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cheryl jordan

Been doing it that way for thirty years. You bet he is serious. You get to the point that you rarely if ever get any water in your mouth. :D

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Absolutely sure. I'll bet we have the same "gravel cleaner". I took the large end off and just start a siphon with my mouth and put my thumb over the end before water gets to my mouth. I haven't tasted saltwater in months :)

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have you ever been to the ocean??

I am sure you got saltwater in your mouth then and at least you are friends with the fish in your tank so you have a relationship with their waste.

As for the ocean, that kid 10 feet away from you might be peeing or the kid in the diaper might have dropped a deuce. The saltwater wont hurt you either way.

SUCK IT HARD and the water will come.

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If you're freaking out about sucking on the tube, you can start a siphon by filling the tube with water, putting your finger tips over both ends and not letting go until you have one end in the tank and one end in a bucket.


I had the same siphon tube as well, it also stopped working so well, so I took the plastic part off. Did the water trick for a while, but now I'm too lazy and just use the straw method. They aren't messing with you and it's not as weird as it sounds.

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I just submerge the tubing, let all the air bubble out, cover both ends with you hands, keep one in the tank, point the other towards a bucket, and let it fly. Seems just as easy and a lot better tasting.

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Yeah I ended up just sucking it and it worked pretty well. I'll do it that way for now on. So much easier!

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