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AndyReef 60 liters


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I appear soi of guadalajara straw hat mexico have 13 years my tank it(he,she) is nano reef 60 liters I possess( 7 kilograms of alive rock 6 cm of sand net is that little i´m removing to put fiji pinck and here a few photographies of the day of aller possess(rely on) 2 koralias 1 number 1 and one nano.

Live Stock

3 diferent zoanthids Fodder to collect them It is my favorite coral

Seriatopora Histrix Frag 2-3 cm

Montipora Digitata 5-6 cm

1 discosoma red


For the present 2 pipes t8 already buy a mh of 175 watts I think it to install between May and the month in course

The photos I put them in the evening .

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