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Stockman overflow with built in skimmer box


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I thought of a design for a 100% pvc overflow assembly. all you need is a hole in the glass and some pipe with fittings. no acrylic overflow box. the pros of this are i think better water flow because there is no sharp-edged box in the tank. also its cheaper and the tank water level is easier to adjust than a glued-in-place overflow box.




i have a 1.5 inch bulkhead so the black is a 1.5" elbow and a 1.5" pipe, drilled with holes like a standard stockman overflow. the red is a coupling with a length of pipe going down, also like a standard stockman overflow.


the GREEN is the special part. it is a large pvc pipe adapter. The top edge of it serves as the overflow from the tank. it is a the substitute for an overflow box. 1.5" would be the small end and the large end would have to be probably 3". hopefully no bigger than that. a 3" pipe has almost 10" of linear overflow space.


if such an adapter does not exist, a 1.5" to 2" bushing could be glued inside the narrow end of a 2" to 3" adapter. some dremel work may have to be done to get all this to fit together but thats easy.


does anyone have any thoughts on this? is it a good idea? its for a 40 breeder with a Quiet One 4000 overflow (about 800gph). its probably been done before. anyone done this?

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Nice. This might be suitable for a center overflow of a 4-sided tank. I see long-term issues with putting this near a wall and being unable to easily clean in the gaps. That would drive me nuts.




I would recommend you rethink your return pump. Putting high flow through a sump is a surefire way to wind up tearing your hair out over microbubbles making it back to your display. Keep the sump flow low, maybe in the 200gph range, 400gph max.


Your main source of flow should be from powerheads, a closed loop, or vortechs - not from your sump. The QO 4000 can run externally for a closed loop if you already have it on hand.

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