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Nemo Looked Hungry


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It's been awhile since I've been on here. I'd like to say hello to everybody on here again.


I came home from work one day and found a huge surprise waiting for me. Went to go check the tank out and the water was so green and murky that I couldn't seen an inch into the tank. I freaked out. What the heck happened?? Well turns out my two year old wanted to feed Nemo because he looked hungry, and feed him he did. He fed him the whole container of food. Fish were dead. Inverts = dead. Changed the water, took the coral over to a buddies house. It all died within a day. Me and my wife estimated that the food had only been in there for about an hour. Perhaps my pain could help someone out. If this ever happens to you, clean it out quick.

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So sorry that happened. I have read many stories of toddlers emptying fish food into tanks. It's sad to think something as benign as fish food can kill off an entire tank.


Good luck. I hope this doesn't keep you from rebuilding :) And then lock up the fish food!

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but seriously, sorry about your loss. this is why the aquarium will be locked up tight when we have kids.

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