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Paly disease? Fungus?


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There is so much info on zoanthid diseases but I can't really find much for palys. Unless I apply the same rules?

I just got a paly frag and one polyp has a semicircle of white around the mouth radiating out to the skirt and that part of the skirt is curling in. Fungus? Nothing else looks infected so should I just cut off that one polyp or should I dip it in something?

The only thing I have for dip is ReVive (which is what I dipped it in when I got it) and Lugols. I know ReVive is just for pests.

Suggestions? I've never had any issues with palys before so this is a new one for me.


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Same rules for Palys and Zoas.

Try a lugol's dip.

A pic would help, as always.

I know (hanging head in shame) but I don't have a macro lens and the closest I could get was not the greatest. But I'll post what I got. Then I'll hang my head in shame over my picture taking skills :P


Does Lugol's work against fungus?


Thanks Weetie!

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The way it kinda spills out of the polyp makes me believe its growing so I would say its a fungus or some type of bacteria. I would try a lugols dip and see what happens.

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At first I thought I ripped thru the polyp as I was mounting it. It looks more translucent in that area rather than something covering it. Then the edge started curling in. I want to nip it in the bud so I'll dip the piece and see what happens.


Thanks for the input.

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Dipped it. And it didn't like that too much....skin is peeling and it's staying closed.


We'll see what it does from here. If it continues I'm going to cut off the polyp.

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That's weird, it doesn't look like a fungus so much as something having taken a bite out of it. I'd cut off the polyp just in case and put the colony in some medium flow for a little while. A lot of dips might stress it and make them actually get a bad fungus, especially with lower flow.

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