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Coral Vue Hydros

Xenia and zooanthids, can they touch without causing the xenia harm?

matt frizz

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Question is the same as the title. Can a Heteroxenia polyp colony be touching a Zooanthid colony without causing the xenia any harm?


I'm trying to decide where to put my xenia and there is a perfect spot in a colony of zoos that I want to put it in.

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Xenia can grow the the point where some would consider them invasive. I'd give them more room (not for their health, but for the good of your other coral); maybe a rock of their own (even then, it can take some work to ensure they don't spread).

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So for a temporary move, they'd be fine on the zoos??? I'm about to upgrade to a 75 Gallon so there will be plenty of room for this little frag of xenia and they will have their own rock in the new tank. For now though, they look really good together and seem to be doing fine. Also, I read that Xenia are a peaceful coral and zoos are semi-aggressive so that is why I'm concerned. I just want to make sure that I'm not doing any damage.

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