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How many had clownfish in there first tank?


First fish  

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  1. 1. How many had clownfish in there first tank?

    • Yes because thats what every one seems to starts out with
    • Yes because I love clownfish
    • No clownfish are over rated

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So How many had clownfish in there first tank? I had two false in my first tank. Now i have 1 pair of grade A's Picassos and Semi-SnowFlakes lol

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I had two yellow striped maroons in my first...along with a yellow damsel. After a year got rid of all three cuz they got too aggressive and the clowns needed a bigger space than my 12g JBJ nano. Today I have 2 True percs and hopefully a sexy shrimp coming in tomorrow with a bunch of corals...hope they make it to a year+ like my maroons...I miss them :(

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if i tell my freinds I have a fish tank with some wrasse and a jawfish, they say "uhh... cool, okay". When i say, I have a nemo with some corals they go "whoa! how cool! i didn't know you were into fish!"




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I hate clownfish on principle, but they are decent fish. Personality in Nano form.


I had a Clarkii, not nearly as my first fish though.

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Funny this topic pops up, because this morning me and my wife were talking about how old our femal percula is.


I bought my first SW tank as a complete setup back in 2005, it was a jbj 6g nano cube. I got from the fish store completely setup with a clown a nem and some rocks.


Here I am 5 years later. The clown has been in 5 differant tanks, and she's fat as can be. About 1.5 years ago she paired up with an ORA missbarred perc.


Oh yeah, and I still have my 6g up and running. I think I may have the longest running 6g jbj to date. Its a xenia and shroom garden now.

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When I started my first salt tank, clowns were not nearly as common. I worked at an LFS and we rarely carried them. Then again it was a lot more expensive to keep nems alive back then :D

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I am working on the 3rd set. One in every tank I have had. For one thing everyone expects to see clowns in a reef tank and it is the best way to get my wife involved. She loves oreo and cheese it. (yep we name them:)

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