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Cultivated Reef

euphyllia glabrescens


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30g tank, 10g fuge


2 nano Koralia powerhead

CPR overflow

Eheim return pump

Total flow somewhere between 600-700gph


Cheato getting light 24/7 from 65w Flourecent 6500k floodlight

2 Nova extreme 2-36inch T5 light fixtures


euphyllia glabrescens, pink tipped

green button polyp


Ocellaris Clownfish

Blue Damsel


12 Astrea snails

2 Nassarius snails


So I went to the LFS yesterday, all my test kits were reading perfect, so I had them test it too. It read perfect for them; so I wanted to buy two "easy" and cheap frags, they had a wide selection of $10 dollar frags, I choose the two I stated. Now I realized I was given a stoney and from my understand they are a little tougher than softies (polyps or mushrooms, etc.).




I like the Euphyllia, especially since it has the potential to host my clown, what can to do to make sure its happy, I've read "the polyps will be fully extended if happy", well they're extended, but how do I know whats fully extended? I mean it has extended the polyps a LOT and its responsive to touch, when they bagged it, all of the tentacles were gone in a flash (amazing!), now they're back, but what is fully extended?



And from a first timers experiences, watching the button polyp eat a brine shrimp was WELL worth the 1000.00 I spent just for the "stuff" for this tank.



Does anyone else have a clown hosting on one of these?

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