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Coral Vue Hydros

Need chemistry advice ASAP


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Okay here is the situation...


Not sure why but my tank has started cycling again.


I just tested everything...and nearly choked when the test results came out.


Everything has been looking great EXCEPT my toadstool. The toadstool has been opening up, but not for long and closes up more than I have ever seen when lights go out. I had a few people tell me he was just growing.... My fish look normal.... no gasping for breath, they are all eating and swimming normal etc.


Snails are super active, shrimp is doing his usual...


But.... here are the results.

The good..

Temp: 80.5

Sal: 1.0255

PH: 8.4

Alk: 10

Calcium: 480


The bad..

Nitrite: 0.1

Nitrate: 5

Phosphate: 0.5

Ammonia: 2.4


Here is my dilemma... I have no premixxed salt water at the moment. I have salt, but nothing mixed. I usually do, but I had decided to switch to NSW (natural sea water) and I am getting it delivered on Monday morning. So I didn't make up a new batch when I ran out.


So would you mix up a batch right away and do a 30% water change? or.... Mix up a batch let it sit for 24 hours then do a 30% change? Or lastly wait until the NSW comes monday morning and do the 30% change then


Is 30% enough?


thanks all

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What is/are your test kit brand(s)? It's odd how most of your livestock are acting, and a toadstool leather is not exactly the most delicate organism.


Water changes, as long as they are properly adjusted to be equivalent to the display tank's parameters (mainly temperature and s.g.), can theoretically go up to 100%. Also, water doesn't need to sit for 24 hours to be used.


How was the NSW treated?

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yah interesting that you have any ammonia and your other animals are doing fine, id say your test is off, dont tell me its a dip strip.

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First thing First Don't panic ! I would wait until monday when your NSW arrives and do a 20% water change. Things should be fine.

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that's super high amonia, and really the only value you should worry about immediately. It does bring into question slightly the test kit, but without knowing that the kit is wrong, and that high amm, I'd do a WC. It's really your judgement though, you know your tank, and every tank is different.


Far as water, you don't need to wait 24 hours. As long as it hasn't clumped up really bad, and you have decent flow, you can mix and be ready in an hour (you have to know your salt well though, get very close to proper salinity without testing, you'll have to wait 45-50 min to test). More of an issue with large water changes is temperature. Odds are you won't be able to match temp.

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