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Koralia 425/240


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they can be used on wavetimers, i dont know if i would want it to however. seems most people say they clunck on startup. i havent got to play with the new evo's so i have no experence with them. i would like to try the sicce pumps.

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I have both the Sicce Voyagers and Evolutions. The Evolutions have it hands down. The Voyager 3 moves 1050 GPH and draws 15 watts. The Evo 4 moves 1400 GPH and draws 6 watts. The Voyager 3 is about the same size as an old K4, the Evo 1400 is much smaller.

Both are totally silent, neither makes a sound when switching on a RKL at 1 minute intervals. I plan to replace my K1 in my nano with a new Evo nano 425 soon, much smaller and more efficient.


I did reviews with pictures on both the Voyager and Evo in the new product review section here on N-R.

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The nano 240 and 425 are save for wave-timers.


I run two 425s on a JBJ timer with 10 second intervals and you can't hear them turn on and off over the filter. I have another two running on a Red Sea wavemaker as well without any issues.

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I ran a K1 on a 15 minute alternating time schedule in my biocube for about 6 months, ran like a beast and still does. I have heard these new K Nanos are better and also heard they clunk a little on startup, but not as much as the old ones.

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