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Re-mounted Powerbrights to Sunpod

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Since there is no easy way to mount Powerbrights to smaller reef lighting I had just kind of ghetto rigged some aluminum bars to hang over top of the whole thing. It looked really bad, but functioned.


Sorry, I don't have a better BEFORE pic...I never took one, this one just happened to be in another pic I had of something:





Now, for the AFTER:


  • I bought new aluminum bars, 1" wide.
  • I cut them 14" in length each
  • I drilled out 3 holes under the center portion. Center hole lets me screw in the screw that holds the stock LEDs for the Sunpod in. I had to use a longer screw too. The holes on either side are so the stock LED's can still poke through. This way I was able to keep the entire Sunpod stock and functional.
  • I then placed the Powerbright plastic mounts on the bars and drilled holes for them.
  • I mounted everything up and it looks great! The whole project took about 30 mins.


Here's the results:


From the front, MUCH better than the old curved ugly bars.



One of the mounting screws that attach to the sunpod bottom



Screws holding in the powerbright plastic bracket



Top front



Top rear



Underneath, it completely clears the MH light on all sides



front, tilting the entire sunpod back so I can see under it




One of the things I really like about it is that when I build my hanging mount for the Sunpod, all the Powerbrights will be attached to it and stay with the light. (I want to raise the entire thing up off the tank for better spread of light)


Anyhow... not bad for a $4 project and 30mins of time this morning.

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That looks good. I didn't like my power bright because of how heavy the spotlighting effect was.

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That looks good. I didn't like my power bright because of how heavy the spotlighting effect was.


You have to raise them up higher is all. I actually bought those 4 lights off my buddy who had them about 2ft above his BC29 in a custom hood he built. It was AMAZING. Zero spotlight effect, the entire tank just glowed.


I already figured out how to build a hanger out of some conduit to mount to the back of the BC stand, so that should help spread out the light some once its raised up a bit.

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Ill get the pics up later... had a little mishap. I went out to get a pic of it, noticed something on the floor.


Apparently the sixline wrasse was enjoying his reflection in the top of the water (its perfectly reflective now that the lights are straight on the top of the water) and he was doing the show off and flip thing at his reflection and ...well.... he decided to flip out right onto the carpet.


He flipped out in my hand as I dumped him back in, and he was barely moving for a few mins... and I think I just witnessed his final minutes a bit ago :(


His own vanity killed him :(


His name was Linus and he was about 2 years old.


RIP little buddy :(

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