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Not sure what to get


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I'm new to this hobby and I really don't have any restrictions on my budget although I don't want too big of a tank. I'd say the max size would be 34G. Originally I was interested in the Solana with a SunPod 150W MH but the SunPod has been proven difficult to find with it being discontinued. I'd really like to get a LED light for the power and heat savings. I haven't decided what types of corals I'd like to host and I don't want to be restricted either. What are everyone's thoughts on this tank-






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I think thats an awesome tank. Costs a lot to get fired up, but you're getting a lot for it. Do a search on here and you'll see one or two up an running ...

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if i were you get the solana with pendant MH. best setup ever!


Really? I really like the fact that I don't have to replace the LEDs for a really long time in comparison to the other forms of light. Plus not dealing with the added heat from the MH would be nice.

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Leds have some considerable advantages over other forms of lighting, but there's plenty of people with qualms about them (specifically, a different spectrum than more standard lighting which people claim leads to poor coloration or growth in some cases). If price is no problem though, the biggest issue for most is overcome.



Nanocustoms does not offer a fully built LED kit, but they do offer retro kits for LED lighting for factory tank hoods which if you don't mind doing the work would be a good choice. If you're looking for metal halide or T5s then they can offer you prebuilt complete systems with essentially custom lighting. If you're looking for a whole package minimal diy setup with LEDs though, the one you linked is probably your best bet.



I personally like rimless and open top tanks, so going with something of a similar size and a pendant could be great looking and offer you LED or MH lighting options. I know there's a fancy elos tank with LEDs and there's plenty of open top cube sized aquariums that would make a MH pendant or a LED fixture a good choice.

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Well LED's are a toss up so go with what's proven to work. You can't rely on diy claims. They all do it differently and then the dimmablity can really confuse you. But if heats an issue then go with t5s with moon led's.


Or MH pendant.... droolsssssss

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