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Ich on my naked? :(


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Just got him yesterday, no I don't have a QT tank. :( I don't really have the room for it.


Anyway, I looked him over pretty good at the LFS and he looked ok, but when I got him home in my tank the white spots were pretty obvious. Just the difference in lighting I guess...


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I bought a seemingly healthy damsel from my LFS and brought him home only to watch him develop ich. I read about how I could treat it IN my tank since I also did not have a QT. I read about Kent's Garlic Extreme and how it makes ich go away. No one around me carried Kent's Garlic Extreme so I took matters into my own hands. I smashed up garlic and soaked my damsel's food (pellets) in the smashed up garlic. THEN I removed the garlic and let my damsel's food air-dry, thus depositing a layer of garlic oil on his food. I proceeded to feed the damsel his food as normal. I was ABSOLUTELY amazed at how fast the white dots went away. I don't know the mechanism by which garlic fights ich, but it was effective. Garlic has many great antioxidant properties, in addition to anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. The moral of the story, TRY GARLIC IN YOUR REEF TANK! It won't hurt a thing. Do not overfeed. Good luck!

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I've seen a lot about garlic helping ich. From what I've read it boosts the fish immune system to fight the ich, doesn't really eliminate the ich from the tank. However it's about my only option because I can't set up a QT for 2 months. Gonna be looking for some garlic extract tomorrow and get him going. He eats great so he's doing well other than the spots, hope to get him better. Love those two together.


Edit: As a side note, that just a regular false perc or you think he'll turn out black? I'm thinking he's just kinda dark but I don't know my butt from a hole in the ground. :)

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I don't really have any good sense of clown species... however I do know that your naked clown is absolutely adorable.

On another note: So if humans eat a boat-load of garlic, it's odor is apparent on the human. I have a feeling that in addition to boosting the fish's immune system, garlic may also make them non-palatable to the ich or maybe even inhospitable. It may, over time, "cure" ich if it's not showing up on the fish to complete it's life cycle. I'm not sure. Good luck!

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