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Thapatient's 29 AGA reef


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So this is just a quick post up here to show off my tank a little and get some feedback from some other reefers. got a bit of a red bubble algae problem but i'm taking care of it, any tips on this would be appreciated. just a little heads up, i tried my best with the pics and i think they're alright just white balance is something i'm never gonna figure out lol so pics are a tad bit more blue than in real life let me know what you think!


Tank size: 29 AGA - no sump

Lighting - 250w Phoenix 14k powered by ice cap ballast

Skimmer - remora with maxi-1200

ac50 - fuge - had a spare lying around so did the fuge mod

Tunze 6025 and maxi 1200 with hydro for flow, gonna upgrade maxi to another tunze when money is better



3 green chromis

1 Bangaii cardinal

1 royal gramma

3 turbo snails

2 cerith

2 fighting conch

4 astrea (probably less i never see them anymore)

2 emeralds (for bubble algae)

1 peppermint shrimp

various corals


Potential future livestock include a flame angel (need your opinions on this), tuxedo urchin (gonna move some snails to other tank if i add one) and a blood shrimp.






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