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20g AIO Rimless Cube


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Started March 26th:


RimLess 20g Cube Finnex 2x36w PC


Added 20lbs Marcorock Bahama White sand


Added 2lbs live rock to seed the tank, Ordered Marco rock 15lbs Keylargo


April 1st Rock Arrived


Aquascaped, Noticed the start of the cycle.


I will eventually get a nice camera, But Phone pics will suffice:





Much more Diatom algae on the sand bed today, go cycle go.


Plans Are softies/LPS


Ordered a Koralia 1 and will add cheato and a hob mini PC lamp in the back. Possibly an internal skimmer


Couple Cleaner Shrimp, Basic CuC


Not sure on fish Im hoping for something out of the ordinary

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April 13th


Threw in a Candycane/Frogspawn Ive had for months


Picked up a frag of Gorilla Nipples(?) And a Strawberry Pseudochromis



When I bought this one It has two heads slightly bigger then dimes, There are seven now and some are almost half dollar when fully balloned









Using my new cell phone's cam, takes pretty decent pics

Picking up a Branching Bubble and some Green Zoas tomorrow





Still not much to look at but now the cycles complete, Id like to stock it up fairly quickly.

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Found Some battery operated clip on led lights at the Dollar tree, Cost me, you guessed it $1 ea :)


Using two for my fuge, Might either make a shelf to bring the cheato closer to the light or buy a couple more and double the wattage


Also my father has wanted moon lights for ever so I bought three, and a blue highlighter, colored the glass and clipped them to the back rim of his 40br reef.


They do an excellent job as a moon light, well see how they do growing cheato






And pops tank



we're just going to leave both of ours on 24/7 They're run by three 1.7v batteries and should last quite a while. Going to replace the entire unit instead of buying batteries as im sure it would be cheaper.

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