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Coral Vue Hydros

Large amount of frag putty = Slowly receding zoas?


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Around 7 months ago I got a frag of nice zoanthids,

not PPH but hey they might sell for $8 PP if I tried.

Anyways I fastened rock down with a ton of putty.

The coral looks great but has slowly grew yet have been receding like balded out.

I remembered I added all that putty and removed around a golfball sized amount today.

Do you think the large amount frag putty in close proximity to the zoas is the cause of pathetic growth and balding of the zoanthids?

I have a backup frag without putty and it's grown without balding,

although it's only 4 polyps that took 4 months to grow to 4 of them....

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Putty had nothing to do with it unless the heat of a fresh application damaged the corals. Since you purchased the frag with the putty already cured, and the coral healed... I assume no.

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I've used a lot of putty in my tank and have had no ill effects. If it caused any damage it would be right away and before it sets or gets hard. In fact all of my putty have coralline algae growth on them.


Are you using reef safe putty just to be sure? But even then I guess if it wasn't your whole tank would crash

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I think it had to be reef safe,

all my other zoanthids wouldn't be thriving like they are.

Maybe it's a finicky zoanthid that grows slow and recedes if it doesn't like where it's at.

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I have some zoanthids that are doing the same thing after I used a lot of putty in the tank. They disappeared from one spot and are becoming irritated and receding from that same spot. they are the closest to the putty.

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