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Lighting for a Cad 39 g Pro


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It's about month 9 and I'd like to start changing my bulbs out. I'm looking to draw out more of the colors (greens, reds, blues, etc). I just purchased a Phoenix 150W DE and now I'm trying to determine what to replace my 2 T5HO 24w actinics with. I've read through a number of threads about this, but I am still feeling a little overwhelmed. Any suggestions?

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Thanks, I'll definitely be going with the UVL Super Actinic. Also, I think the Fiji Purple will work nicely to bring out more colors.


My lighting setup will be as follows then:


1 x 150w Phoenix 14k DE

1 x 24w UVL Super Actinic

1 x 24w Korallen Zucht Fiji Purple

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