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65 gallon lighing question


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I am going to be setting up a red sea max alternative tank basically a 65 gallon 36x18x24h and I wanted to get your opinions on the lighing.


I will be keeping mostly LPS such as acans, duncans frogspawn and such and softies. However I will also be keeping a few select SPS in the tank along with a clam or two. I just want to know what you think will be the better choice for this type of mixed reef.


I like these lights for the built in timer and lunar lights. I just want to know if the 6 light wil be to much for my softies but also if the 4 light will not do it for my clams and SPS.


The fixture will be mounted on the supplied mounting legs.


The choices are : Aquaticlife 4x39w T-5 with lunar lights.






Aquatic Life Aquatic Life 6x39w T-5 with Lunar Lights.




Thanks !

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