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Wartskin Frogfish Not Eating


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flooded the tank with live feeder shrimp but it does not seem interested


for more than 1/2 hour, it stays put like a rock


my greedy lionfish finished all the food


any tips?



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He's probably scared to move with the Lionfish being in the tank. If he lures, he attracts attention from the Lion, if he moves...same thing. These guys aren't recommended tank mates. Eventually one will attempt to eat the other. Do you have another tank you could put the angler in?

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tried feeding frozen silver side but it does seem interested either


at times it does swim about and move around


the angler is 3", lionfish 6"

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Even though the angler is smaller, there is still a chance that he might make the lion a meal someday.... However, like others have said, he might be too frightened to move. How long have you had the two together? When is the last time the angler ate?

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