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Coral Vue Hydros

Harlequin shrimp when hungry


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My shrimp always comes out and hangs out at the front of the tank when wanting a star.

It seems to have learned that its starfish comes from me.

I can move my hand at one area near it and it will come closer.

When I put a starfish in it will quickly head to it. Must have an awesome sense of smell.

For a shrimp the harlequin seem to learn pretty well.

Others pple harlequin shrimps seem the same way?


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That is really cool.


My Peppermint shrimp came out during feeding time today (I RARELY see him) and I fed him frozen (thawed) squid from a skewer for the first time (I've had him for like 2 weeks). It was pretty awesome.

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Don't really see it until lights out, then it's wandering around the tank looking for eats.


Can put a starfish as far as possible from it in the tank and it will immediately smell it out and attack.


Coolest looking shrimp I ever quickly tired of owning...

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