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DulcyDoll's Bedroom Pico

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Drift Monkey
Really??? The ric was fine. Then I got the PAR and he shrivelled, so I moved him down. He's better but still small, so you think it needs MORE light?


Sorry, I shouldn't highjack but I am curious to hear from DulcyDoll about her experience.

If that's the case, probably not then...maybe find a shadier spot?

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Wow those shrooms are massive! :o


:) Spot feeding! I have a hairy mushroom in my other tank that is about 4.5-5 inches. I like the look of them blanketing down the rock and onto the sand.


Is that a ric? How does he like the PAR 30? My ric has shriveled ever since I got the same PAR 30 (4b/1w), although the discosomas seem fine. Mione is 22.5" above the sandbed. I Keep trying to find a spot fot the ric with enough but not total shade, but it's challenging.


He seems to love it, my light is only 6" from the waters surface, and the ricc. is only about 10.5" from the light, and nearly centered under it, he opens fully everyday and I haven't noticed any movement from him. I thought he would move when i dropped the light down, but he opens more now than he did before. What light did you have it under before? It may just be adjusting, Mine went from MH at the store, to PC, and when I switched to the LED it didn't expand as much, but after a week or two it was fine. I would let it be, where ever you have it now until it starts opening fully, unless you see signs of bleaching. When it is adjusted to the light you can move it to where you want it. Moving them repeatedly, at least when I would move mine, seems to piss them off more.


Thanks Alfie!

Brandon, I have picked the majority of them out, if I see one getting close to my zoas he gets pulled, and the ones that get close enough to the top of the tank (within finger reach) are done too. They are a PITA.

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