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JMAdams SPS BC29


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Thought I'd share my BC29.



Tank is down, setting up soon.


150w Sunpod with 14k Phoenix bulb

AquaC Remora Skimmer

Koralia 1

2 Koralia Nanos

100w Heater


Current Stocking List






Fish and Inverts


Thanks for looking :)

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Crocea Clam



Cat Eyes



Orange Yuma



Purple Polyp Birdsnest



Sunset Monti, Ponape Birdsnest, and Red Prostrata


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Yasha (pic was taken before I upgraded to the BC29 from a 16g and got rid of the toadstool)



Another shot of the TSB



Another shot of the clowns and frogspawn


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Sweet, nice tank. How long has it been running?


This tank started as a 16g on june 1st but I upgraded to the BC29 recently. A total of a little over 9 months.


Very nice tank, love the tail spot blenny !


Thanks! :)

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This was the tank back in October when it was a 16g. The frogspawn, green birdsnest, and green cap have grown quite a bit. I had a huge caulerpa problem on my rocks. Since then I have replaced all of my rocks and have had no more caulerpa problems. I also got addicted to SPS and now I don't have as many softies as i did back then :P



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Looks fantastic!


So what salt+ chemical media+ filter material are you using?


Thanks :) I use DD H2Ocean salt, chemipure elite, and filter floss.

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I am diggin' that tailspot - how's its personality?


He's great. He comes out all the time and grazes on the rocks. I love how he perches on the rocks and looks around. Its funny how they go into their hole tail first too. They are fun fish :)

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Your tank looks fabulous!

Good luck! (following...)




Also going to be getting some more goodies soon... possibly tomorrow :)


Edit: Going to be monday when I get my new additions :P

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Lookin' good bro. That frogspawn is BOSSS! How much did you pay for that beast?


Edit: Just noticed the growth on it since the 16g... how long have you had it?

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