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quick question about chaeto in HOB fuge


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I modded a AC70 into a fuge and have this light clipped onto the side for the chaeto. I have some floss on the entrance to the fuge area and chemipure elite under the chaeto ball. I have noticed that the chaeto has gone limp and is sorta squishy on the bottom. I am wondering if it is a reaction to being near the chepure elite or lack or light/flow? I think that the flow is ok, so I am thinking light possibly? Thoughts?

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The light should be more than fine and I know the flow is not the issue, it can actually be a bit high for a fuge (I am running a modded AC70 fuge as well).


It is most likely the chemicals "burning" the macro or something like that. Do you have to run the chemipure right now, or can you take it out for a few days and see if it improves? If not, can you move the cheato to the display; in a soapdish or something?

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I have shifted the chemipure into a different part of the fuge and have changed the lighting. We shall see if the chaeto picks back up or not.


The chemipure could be having an effect. Has anyone read/experienced this before?

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