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38 Gallons of Family Reef

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Couldn't resist - it's an Aqueon 38 gallon tank and Impressions stand with an Aquatic Life 4 bulb T5HO fixture. I'm gonna use the AC50 as a fuge and filter with floss and chemicals (carbon/puragen) with the subcurrent. It'll be a couple of weeks before I get my sand and rock.


Question(s) Would you use two Koralia 1's? or nano's? I don't want to spring for the Vortech, but if I did, MP10 or 20 and for those that own a Vortech, doesn't it push all the sand to one side? And if you were gonna hang a protein skimmer, what type (and is it needed)? Thanks (stocking will be mixed corals and a couple of fish - can I keep a clam under the 4-bulb t% - the tank is 20" high).



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It's about to happen, yesterday was my birthday qualifying me for 40 lbs of live sand and 43 lbs of live rock! Whoo-Hoo, soon I will have a place to load those last 12 frags I have gotten from WWC over the last year (currently crowding the floor of my nano-cube)!


Question - I'm gonna put two nano koralia's on the tank walls, and the LFS has a JBJ wavemaker - will that work?


As Always, I am Symbiotic



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You can keep a clam under them but I've always read to wait until your tank is at least 6 months old. That setup looks great man.

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two nanos won't be enough flow in my opinion. i have a 2 and a nano in my 29. If i were you i would get a 3 and a 1, or two 2's, but that is just my .02

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I would think you would need 2 K1's at the very least, or a K2 or a K1.

Not sure on the wavemaker.

Hydor actually has a wavemaker made specifically for Koralias now, but it ends up being as expensive as a Vortech.

Or you could try something like this, which is on sale right now: http://www.fosterandsmithaquatics.com/prod...fm?pcatid=12061

If you do that, I would get it with the MJ900's, I think it comes with 3.

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Based on comment and advice, I have added 2 of the new-type Koralia's, a K1 pushing 750 gph and a Nano pushing 450 gph. I have not added a wavemaker as of yet (my LFS says I don't need one - imagine that, killing a sale - I like my LFS, they sell me what I need) and the tank is seeing plenty of flow. A 12-day mega-micro algae cycle occured and disappeared all at once (I think I added some uncured rock at the end of my cycle) - freaked me out, an have since modded an AC50 for a refugium. Here is the new tnak PIC......



and a couple of new inhabitants.....


some Tyree Meteor Shower Cyphastrea from World Wide Corals (actually I got a bunch of coral from two trips to WWC sitting in my nanocube, but will add a piece weekly) - great place to visit if you are ever in Orlando for Disney or work conference



some encrusting monitpora (supposed to be Superman, but I think maybe Rainbow as has both yellow and red polyps on blue base)



my cleanup crew consists of 15 hermits, 10 margaritas, and 3 peppermint shrimp (prompty munching on my apstasia)....



and finally, my pair of pintos :P



A friend stopped by tonight and said, "Wow!" Can't wait till he sees it 6 month's from now!

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Well, it's only been two years since my last post, I lurk a bit but get busy. So here is a pic of my tank, well established but unfortunately with scratches - I don't know how the Tanks of the Month stay so crisp! I've gone through flat worms and dinos and algae blooms, all of which this website has been a wonderful resource to help me resolve problems. But I think I have a beautiful setup as do my friends. There are 40 some odd pieces of coral, 3 fish (Yellow Tang, Flame Angel, Neon Dottyback), and various crawling critters.


So here are a few pics of some of my corals and the full shot, hope you like it!



















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Whats the 5th coral down? Looks like some sort of monti. Very sweet.

I have some montipora capricornus, my very first purchase for a nanocube 5 years ago from the LFS, it's sitting against the glass. The montipora digitata to the right of the subcurrent, I got from World Wide Corals on a Disney trip (hah).


Oh yes, I also have some superman, purple haze, and sunset encrusting montipora all from WWC too (and my kids thought I was taking them to Orlando for Disney World - HAH!)

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Whats the 5th coral down? Looks like some sort of monti. Very sweet.


It's a Yellow Scroll Coral - I actually convinced my LFS to crack me off a small frag from a very large one they had in their main display - very nice of them.

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