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12g and 28g Nano-Cube – Upgraded Media Basket


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I don't see him as a sponsor thus marketing a copied media basket(s) is not allowed. We had a NC24 media basket since Sept 2009 :huh:

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I don't see him as a sponsor thus marketing a copied media basket(s) is not allowed. We had a NC24 media basket since Sept 2009 :huh:



So if he was a "sponsor" then everything would be ok and you wouldn't be on here advertising your product. The only reason he has this page is because nobody made a media basket for the nc28 at the time he needed one. He had spare material and offered to make people one if they wanted. He is not mass producing these so I think there is no reason for him to be a sponsor.

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He is/was mass producing them and mass marketing them. Read up


I have read and reread this post. I can't see anywhere that he says he is mass producing these. The main advertising is from the people that have bought one. Therefore I don't consider that mass marketing. I think we can agree to disagree on this subject. I am done on this and I will let this post go back to what it originally was for. URBANEKS MEDIA BASKET thank you

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You're not a very good researcher than are you? One sheet of acrylic will not yield 30+ media baskets in two different sizes enough to keep a post on ebay, here, local forums, classifieds, and anyone with a NC28 or NC12 will receive a post linked to this thread.


If he had said he was mass producing them the thread would have been closed right away....

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I have ordered both Media baskets to try,steve T's arrived first added purigen in chamber 2 and chempure in chamber 3, with filter flosse in the first chamber and the water is overflowing the sides of the media basket :-( and I am getting tiny bubbles in my main tank because of the flow restriction, not sure what to do, the only way to fix the overflow was to remove the Chempure. very disapointed rite know. please help. ubanks basket should be here soon. not a flame quality of the basket is top noch and quick shipping,just cant get this thing to run rite. is the chempure that much of a restriction? ( it is new)



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I gotta put in my 2 cents here. The reason it is overflowing is because Stevie's baskets forces the water to actually flow through the media because it is inclosed on all four sides as it should be. The other basket is open on two sides which allows the water to flow around all the media except the filter floss. You have to make a choice here, do you want your water filtered or do you want your water unfiltered, the choice is simple.


I posed this question way back in this thread and it went un answered.


I built my own basket inclosed on all four sides and yes if I run both pumps the water tries to overflow the sides a little but most is forced through the media, flowing THROUGH the media is the whole idea.


Some say their water cleared up fast with URBANEKS basket, only because the fast flow was being mechanically filtered faster through just the floss but there was no chemical filtration because the flow went around the chemical media.


In order for media to function the water HAS TO PASS through the media, NOT AROUND IT.


And let me say, I am not in any way affiliated with SevieT nor do I even know him, but I do know his basket is the way to go. Just my 2 cents!


My basket is shown below that I built myself! The running pic is of both pumps running together.



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I do agree that water is lost out the sides of this basket and was skeptical for quite some time.


I finally tried it and ran some different tests to see how things looked. First I put some floss top and bottom chambers to see if it the bottom would pick up anything. Sure enough it got loaded with crud very quickly and compressed by water flow. I then put in some chemipure in the middle chamber and floss in the top and bottom and still the floss on the bottom was compressed by water flow and picked up lots of crud. Finally I wrapped the whole thing with plastic wrap so the sides were covered to see if there would be any difference. Water did gather up top a bit more than without the wrap, but results on the floss looked about the same.


So obviously this is far from scientific and again I agree that the thing should have sides. But at least in my tank I am confident that water is indeed flowing through the whole thing. Not all the water, but a majority of it. I’m not saying one basket is better than the other, just sharing what I found.

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Well for sure the chemipure elite like I use will slow down waterflow if it is pressed to flow through it which will in turn cause the water to back up a little. I know you said it was so but I find it hard to believe that there would be enough water flow through the top floss and then chemipure and still flatten floss in bottom chamber. With no sides, the water is flowing around the chemical media! This is not rocket science, just physics! Water will take the path of least resistence, down the open sides and around the media.Even if there is only a 1/16" crack between the sides of the basket and the aquarium walls, that 1/16" adds up real fast in the lenght of the basket and both sides..This is why canister filters are so good at chemical filtration, the water is forced through the media just as is a chemical reactor orfluidized bed filters.


Anyway, let me tell you how I got around the backup. I removed the chemipure from the basket, I now have purigen in the bottom compartment which is very thin and easy for water to flow through. I placed the bag of chemipure in chamber two where the skimmer would be if I used one which I don't. I hung the chemipure with a plastic coated paperclip from the top of the tank. The chemipure has water rising from underneath it to overflow the chamber side thereby water is flowing around over and some through the chemipure.


I am in the process of building a media reactor that will fit in chamber two that I can put the chemipure in to make it more effecient. I tried to find a Sapphire Nano Media Reactor but no luck so I ordered a pump, plastic tube and nylon bolt and am waiting for it to arrive. Below is a pic of my basket with the Chaeto in the middle chamber, I have to trim this by half each week on water changes. BTW I have a JBJ 28 LED and love it.

I don't mean to step on anyones toes here but I think any newbies looking to get a filter basket should go with StevieT's basket, it is much more efficient and I might add much more professionally built.



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