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Hello everyone,

I have been away from the hobby for quite some time (10 yrs). Some of my views and thinking are kind of old school. I have finally returned to the hobby and hope to make a nice little reef to enjoy and then venture into the propagation side of things.


My return is being made in the form of a BC 29. When my wife and I started looking for a tank the one thing we totally agreed on was it had to be basically a square style tank. We had a 55 gal square tank as a reef back in the day. The reef was more of a soft coral/mushroom/polyp style environment with a relatively small bio load from fish. This was the vision we wish to recreate now.


We acquired the tank Jan 2nd 2010. We live in SW Oklahoma and within reason to our residence there is not a truly versed LFS and the few that are around are expensive so the majority of our purchases will be from internet resources.


We decided to use CaribSea Live sand (yes bagged sand) version is Fiji Pink (looks totally white not sure how they get pink in the name but it’s ok) we purchased 25 # of sand to get started and collected us a couple of rubble rocks to start the cycle process.

I got everything home and installed and settled and let the tank run for a week. I kept tabs on the water parameters over the course of a week and everything was doing fine no spike anything... (Not much happening for a cycle here)


I dearly love the look of a deep sand bed so back for more sand we went. Purchased 50# of sand bringing our total to 75# in the tank giving me about 3-4 in sand bed throughout the tank...


I have ordered Rock off the internet at this same time.

The rock order still is not here yet. The place we have ordered from is experiencing issues with harvesting rock due to weather conditions on the coast of Florida. This is ok with me (you will know why in a moment)


I week later I start to see the development of algae in the system and since we plan to soft cycle the rock as to keep as much life as we can on them. So I decide to get a few hermits to munch on some algae (water parameters are still looking quite well the tank is running such a small cycle adding some hermits should not be an issue)


The hermits are doing fine... algae in check and...


Jan 28 2010 SW Oklahoma gets hit with a HUGE storm of freezing ice and below freezing temperatures.

I get home from work to find the house is already cold and the tank temp has plummeted to 72 degrees already. I cover the tank and run the heater and pump for the tank off the inverter that is built into our van.

I just hope that the blankets over the tank will keep enough heat in it to help everything make it through.


I struggle through with temps dropping at increasing rates running the heaters and pump as I can off the inverter over the next few days.


Day 4 comes and the water temp when I arrive at the house is below 60 degrees I lost 12 degrees over night. Not a single crab is moving. Disgusted that they are dead I went to working around the house cleaning up the walk way of ice etc. My wife exclaims one is moving...


I immediately grab a 2.5 gal plastic beta aquarium... (We previously removed my daughters beta to a small bowl and had it by the fire place) I scooped in some water and removed all crabs and the rubble took them into my work (now running with generator power) and plugged in a 50w heater at my desk. To my delight the crabs are all alive.


Today at 1 am we have Power restored to our city. The aquarium immediately at 1 am got plugged in and started warming. I had sent email to the rock supplier yesterday to continue to hold my order. Today I will send another to please send my rock.


I started this thread now as I think there is very little that could take this tank any lower than it is right now.


I will post some pics as I get things organized and hopefully get my rock in quickly now.


I am currently researching a generator as a backup in case such a situation could arise again. I am thankful I had a small amount of live animals to deal with and I will definitely be prepared for the next event.


I thank you all for reading through this and stay tuned I will update as things progress from here.

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Well things got a bit better this week but only slightly. I got my rock order in. I am not terribly happy with the order but I am working with the site that sold me the rock (withholding all names to try and get to a equitable solution for the issues at hand.


The rock you see in the pics is what was sold to me as Premium Decorator Rock. (IMO its poor base rock at that) I spoke to the seller and he is sending me some new rock very soon.


For now here is the aquascape for now.. Not knowing what rock I will get in or shapes etc.. Hope you like what i have done with the scape I will update soon as i get my next shipment.




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A couple of things about the BC29.

Ditch the balls or be ready to clean them about once a month.

To get the DSB and LR to work you will need to add flow.

The stock filter pad sucks.

In the all in one forum there is BC29 Resource Guide. There are tons of cool mods that make the tank very effecient.

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Yup already planned to lose the bio balls.. Tank started with just live sand so the bio balls were just temp til rock cycles..


The filter pad i did not mention but its gone and standard floss material used instead.. The rock is curing bio balls will be leaving in about a week.

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Posing some pics real fast not a whole lot changing inside .. just some algae growth


These Pics more for John since he is setting me up a custom CUC to tend to my DSB in tank and such,


Anyways starting to get some coraline showing on some rock that was previously white.. hope its all purple and pink soon.


I have some Encrusting Gorgonias coming and a Kenya tree Thx for Fosi.. FYI to everyone BUY his stuff I found him real real easy to work with.. He has good reasons for breaking down his tank so help a brotha out.


My coral should be here mid next week (waiting to ship til after weekend) YAY!


anyways enough of that here is the pics for John. First pic is a good one of the basic algae that is starting to cover some rock. The 2nd pic I am not sure if you can see it (i cant but wife swears its there) is of a light green film algae that comes out through the day. The back wall and glass is getting that all as well.. Hope it helps... and Ty for your effort on my CUC!



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Ok with the cycle being over and expecting new livestock to come somewhat soon I really was not sold on the old aqua scape. I kinda thought the rock looked clumsy.


I really wanted to make some shelf space so to say and i wanted to make some cave areas.




tonght the wife and I sat down and rearranged the rock .. making sure all supporting pieces had ample footing on the bottom of the tank..we back filled around the pieces and are getting the water back in the tank now.


New FTS of the rock once the dust settles so to say.

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Ok so went to the city today(oklahoma city) and started shopping some LFS's and came home with a few goodies...


Diamond goby (orange spot sleeper goby)

Candy Cane coral 2 heads (nice green color)

Plate Coral

Zoa/Poly frag.. (looks like there is 2 differing zoas and a palythoa on it will get help with ID's later)


Tank is starting to show life.. YAY .. anyways everything is super pissed still except the goby so Pics tomorrow .. Cya then .


Seems like a chronicle of my tank to myself. I am pretty ok with that : )

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just helping to update the thread, even if he is only writing himself.


Plate coral day 2 in tank. Also the man behind the tank LOL shhhhh dont tell that I uploaded this!!!




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Wow, wtf is up with the lack of comments lol. The goby looks cool, post a bigger picture though. Can't really see it well.


Did you get the new rock? Where's the fts?

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No the new rock is errr.. we are still negotiating lets say. The new rock is SUPPOSED to be here this week (shipped after the holiday) but i am not holding my breath.


Yeah the pics uploaded to forum is a bit small etc I need to get a photo bucket account or something..


What service is everyone using for their pics.. help us out here :)


As for the new FTS we will get some up .. wife is really wanting the CUC to arrive (should be here this week (Thanks John :)) then for sure will get some FTS. There is also some FOSI special coral hitting the tank this week so stay tuned for those.

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Welcome back to the hobby. Tank is looking great. I just came back after a 7 year layoff, so you and I are in the same boat. It's terribly addicting.

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Setting up account and getting installs together. I will clean the glass and try to get some good FTS and species shots tomorrow.


Until the CUC gets here tho it may be a lil green in the tank .. got a fine green algae over everything it seems. id not expect this when i bought corals this weekend.

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Just thought i would try and throw up a pic on newly created account (thx violinist)


FTS after lights out .. everything down for the night really :)


This Rock formation is likely to change. I still have hope that my rock supplier will make good on his word.

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I will divulge the entire ordeal as soon as i get my tracking number. I believe this company does watch this site on occasion and i want nothing to interfere with how he does business so every aspect of my tale is in perspective. I should have a tracking number either tomorrow or the next.


Not meaning to dodge the question just protecting my assets if i can.:)

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Wow up for such a short time and you've already had to deal with a sustained power outage! Sounds like you handled it well - good improvisation on your part. I like your coral selection - you need to get some closeups now that you're using Picasa. Tank looks like it is coming along well, anxious to see the new rocks you're getting in!

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quick FTS of it with the new corals in .. just moments into the tank. I will work on getting Close ups of them once they come out and spruce up. Plate is deflated as well he was mad i was mucking around in his area a bit.


Ty Oclowns for the kind words I only have a point and shoot camera but i will start working on the Closeups if i can get it to focus.


Please forgive the algae the CUC is in the mail also should be here tomorrow or the next.


Ty for looking.

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toad is standing now tall but not extended (these pics taken a few hours after introduction to the aquarium) before lights out he was extending polyps some and looking even better Might take a day or 2 for it to fully come out.



My plate coral not part of the previously mentioned purchase but i like it alot..



Kenya tree standing upright but not extending yet.. Encrusting gorgonia starting to extend.




Mystery zoas (i may try to ID em better once they get more acclimated and large and another piece of gorgnia starting to come out as well..


Depending on if everything comes out nice or not I may post more tomorrow..

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ARGGGG THE ALGAE!!!!!!!! Cant wait for the Clean Up Crew to get here...... :huh:




-_- I'm allergic to our fish tank my right arm is all broke out and burning a bit.

Stupid Zoa's and their stupid toxins making me keep my damn arm outta the stupid tank


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Eh no surprise the rock shipment has been yet again post poned. I am beginning to doubt if we will ever get the correct rock sent to us. This is the last shot i will give this company ever.. if no trackin info by wednesday I will begin the process to recollect my money from credit card company and I iwll post complete details.

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Well i learned long ago that I have to be to enjoy the hobby. I also realize how dangerous teh ocean can be in bad weather. So if 1/2 what the guy tells me about bad weather is true then i would rather he come home to his family safe. That being said I dont plan to get tanken. I have all the photo proof from his box and shipping etc. I have saved all his correspondence.. and if he does not follow through on time this time around I will be forced to seek a refund.


The transaction has not been completed and I have not lost sight of that either :)

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