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What's the best nano aquascape you've ever seen

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Nooooooo, wrong on so many levels. (Except for gross looping background noises)


Actually many of Chopin's etudes are based on the golden ratio, Beethovins 5th, and most of Mozart's sonatas. It can also be seen in the work of Modrian, Durer, Da Vinci, and many of others included most/all the renaissance masters.


Were they intentionally striving for a perfect golden ratio? possible, but unproven. There are however some examples of extremely successful intentional uses of the ratio by Corbusier, Gris, Dali, etc.. Lets not forget probably the most relevant name in this conversation. Amano intentionally uses the golden ratio as a tool in creating his aquascapes.

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You should have made your point then.

To each his own. All I'm saying is that since our aquascapes are the platform from which we grow and present our corals, it should not be given a "whatever" approach. I'm sure if you ask anyone on the totm list, you will find that they planned their aquascape and then made the most of it with choice and placement.


We agree.

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My favorite aquascape technique is how many forms of life can you pack into every square inch of the reef tank, mixing of genera where it looks like an explosion of color. Disgusting amounts of color, textures, anything but open rock space in between the corals. No one ever liked this look but it was always what caught my eye. In every tank Ive kept thats the look I wanted. it would have been easy to keep a single colony of growth, or a 1:2:1 ratio etc (makes for easier tank cleaning) but in time the packed look is what evolved.


any packed to the hilt tank over two years old gets my vote of nicest scape even though no one else w agree~

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Tough to pick a favorite....



Dan Pellegrini's Mini-M 5g ADA Rimless



Seabass's 17.4 Seagrass



schg's ADA 30c reef



mdannyg's 33.5 gallon



John Ciotti's Upside Down Reef




Uhuru's NPS Elos Mini

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Not saltwater. But, great inspiration. :happy:

*and the best scape ever.



wow just wow i have been doing freshwater for a long time and have always tried to emulate such great feets but with no success i absolutly love freshwater scapes

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I see I got some love in this thread over a year ago :lol: . Thanks guys!


What it was:





Where it's starting from again:



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60 gallon -so slightly outside the scope- but a great example of topsy turby rock work in a cube... There is no reason this would not work in a 30-40 gallon cube just as well.




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The coolest i ever saw was the one with rippled sandbed and all of the corals were on acrylic pedestals. Very unnatural but it was incredible. I'll have to see if i can dig it up...

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It has been a long time since this thread was updated. How about reviving it to add aquascapes that have been made over the most recent three years for some inspiration and admiration?

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