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Mangroves in fuge


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I have some mangroves planted in my fuge (in a mud bed) as well as a few different macro algae. My question is can mangroves grow in the 24 hour lighting that I currently run or is there some other light cycle I should run?


They have started to put out root into the mud but I haven't seen any sign of leaves (though it has been less than 2 week) and I wonder if the 24hour lighting is the problem.


Anyone successfully grow mangroves in this kind of lighting?


Oh and FWIW the light is a 70w sunpod.



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keep it to the tank light cycle.

What about opposite + a couple of hours on both sides?



It was my (n00bish) impression that more light cycle=more nutrients consumed by the macros and that an opposite light cycle would minimize ph swings.


I currently run (on my main tank) actinic from 1- 11 pm and halide from 2 - 10 pm.


Am I way off and totally confused?

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