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Cultivated Reef

Zook's 20g Shallow Mix


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You got it!


My last update before the move at the end of this month. Hopefully everything will travel well and like their new home. Wish me luck.


There are a few new livestock added within the past month that caused an increased in nutrient levels. Some Cyano showed up, but they're under control with the help from a new skimmer (SWC Xtreme 120 cone w/ bubble plate). The tank upgrade is still in the works and I'm planing to redo the plumbing at some point. I would also like to get a controller and possibly a chiller as the temperature in the new place might fluctuate more often.


Photos are from my iPhone 3GS; I usually shrink the photos, but here they are at their full size. Enjoy.


PS. There are Seahorses, Pipefish, and Dragonets 'hidden' in the planted photos, see if you can spot them. Also, check out the size of the tips on that Hammer!





































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<3 my Firefish

This tank was my background for months before I found this forum! Your tank is the one I'm going to model the next tank I buy after! This is absolutely amazing, and you're the one who inspired me to start in this hobby!

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I've seen it in person and it gets better all the time. And one day........ it may contain the "Holy Candy Basslet" :lol:

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Just out of curiosity Zook. I always heard about LPS corals stinging each other when placed to close to each other, how have your LPS corals been doing with its neighbors?

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Hehe, thanks guys. Good to hear from you, Jeff.


Jet. LPS compatibility among different species and between specimens of the same species is somewhat complicated. There is no general guidelines, but I can offer you some of my experiences:


- Acanthastrea lordhowensis is fine touching its own species, but there might be aggression with other Acanthastrea species.

- Euphyllia species is a little tricky. IME, mixed Euphyllia species from the same region can be placed together, but Euphyllia species from different regions (i.e. Solomon Green Torch vs. AU Gold Torch) will harm each other.

- Catalaphyllia jardinei is by far the most aggressive in the system; it still kill any coral it touches except for the Acanthophyllia deshayesiana (Meat).

- Aggression among Chalices are all over the place.


There's also different level of aggression as well. Some LPS can tolerate each other without harm, some can defend the attach and survive without any tissue loss, and other shows necrosis within minutes.

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