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Frogspawn closed


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i have a new YCG that is trying to host a frogspawn and the thing has closed up..

is it closing because the YCG is on it? and why would it make it want to close up?

ive seen/heard of ycgs in frogspawn without a problem..

Can any1 help me please?

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The first thing I would do is a series of tests to make sure all your parameters are good. Because Frogspawn can be a good indicator of water quality. I have noticed if something is out of whack in my water the Frogspawn is the first to close up. More than likely it is just closing up because it is not use to the activity it has been receiving. Rule out that there is nothing wrong with the water then I would not worry to much about it. Once it gets use to the fish trying to host it will be fine.

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Flow is also a big reason why frogspawns close up. If there is too much flow on them they will close up to shield themselves. I have one that I had in a high flow area and it stayed closed almost all the time. I moved it to a lower flow area and now its full and open all the time (except at night). You want just enough flow to gently move the polyps but not a steady flow in one direction. HTH

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yeah i dont think its flow, its been open there full time for a while in the same spot..

it either has to do with my new starfish that goes everywhere... or the YCG thats trying to host it.

i dont know what to do =[ its been closed a few days now

( its not completely closed its more like the tips are coming out but nothing more than that..

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