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What fish can I put in a six gallon nano cube?


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I was thinking of a yellow clown goby and a peppermint shrimp to make sure there are no aptasia. I'm open to other suggestions as well. I'm hoping what I listed isn't too much and are compatible.


The cube is new but I'm going to seed it with my aquapod's sand and water. I'd hope to add whatever I get within a week or two. Is this too soon?


Thanks alot and merry christmas!

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Weeber-Thanks for the quick answer!


MedicMC-I completely forgot that was there! Thanks alot!


Since it says that clown gobies can be kept in a .5 gallon pico. Could I keep two? Would they be aggressive towards eachother unless they were a proven pair? I realize that this could possibly mean no peppermint shrimp. I'd just want to make sure my options I can go with are safe.

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I dont think they would fight, but im not an expert. I dont think they will have a problem with shrimp either.

Clown Gobies will sit on your corals though - it absolutely pissed me off!

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If you are planning to have a clown goby, check weaning clown gobies and what type of corals they are accustomed to live on.

Sps require high light and a clean water, and offering different kinds of very small foods 3x a day to a fish may conflict with that, when not too much filtration could be put on .5 gal pico tank. -_-


I bought yesterday panda gobies and pocillopora for them, so far they are in 2.5 gal, but power filter is not enough already.

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You don't have to get SPS to wean clown gobies; although if you can afford to keep a "sacrificial" pocillopora, then good luck. Most people seem to do fine feeding their clown gobies with introduced foods and not using corals.

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