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Does anyone know some good places online to buy these?


All I have found is the Mr. Aqua and Clear-For-Life ones at marinedepot.com.


I'm looking for something in the 12G-16G range.

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I'm looking for something in the 12G-16G range.


Figure out what size you want, call the local glass shop and have them cut you the pieces to make it yourself. That size, No big deal. Are you looking for a short and long tank, or a tall and skinny tank? Maybe a short and fat tank? 20x12x16 = 16.62 gallons. Using the glass shop I use and using 1/4" plate glass ( WAYYYY overkill on this size tank, 3/16" would be more than enough, but I don't know the price of 3/16", so I will use 1/4"prices) you have approx. 9 sq ft. of glass at $4/sq ft. = $36 plus a $5 tube of silicone and one days work. You now have your own custom 16 gal rimless that you built. NO its not hard. Make sure they give you a seamed edge for the price you are quoted. No you don't need a polished edge unless you just really want one, but it will cost you.


A seamed edge, they take a sander and run it along the edges so you can't cut yourself on the edges. Polished and it looks great but is really not needed. Looks sexy though.


12 gallon, 20x12x12=12.46 gal. This is roughly 7sq ft and thats a whopping $28 plus your $5 tube of silicone.


20 x 18 x 12 = 18.7 gal.


Want a different size. L x W in inches divided by 144 = sq ft. You need to figure out all 5 pieces. Don't forget to figure in the thickness of the glass when making your final sizes to give to the glass shop.

L x W x H / 231 = gallons

Figure out your own. I would keep it somewhat standard, like 12 inches deep on the inside measurement. Then make it something like 12 or 16 or 20 tall and then adjust your length to suit your needs. It all kinda depends on what you want to do with the tank and what you want to keep in it. Give us a little more info and we could help you some more.


If you are interested, let me know and I can give you a step by step to building it. Good luck, Mark

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I would agree with the person above me, but in my research/experience it's always cheaper (if not, it's the same price) to just buy one online without the hassle of DIY'ing it. Although building a tank isn't rocket science, it takes a few testers to get one with perfect silicone lining, etc.


IMO go with the Cad, it's a very neat AIO. If all else fails, talk to Lalani. She got her 10g rimless for <$50. :)

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