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Cultivated Reef

My Cube that holds 14 gallons.


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Current FTS



Well, here it is.

Let's Start!!!

Tank Specs

Oceanic Biocube 14 gallon



Compact florescent :mellow:

Though Ive changed both the bulbs into Coralife 50/50



15lbs live/base rock

inTank Media Basket

inTank fuge light with chaeto, Chemi-pure, and filter floss.


Stock pump with sponge (clean)


Other Equip.

Koralia Nano

50 watt heater

inTank fish saver

Fine white sand





Ocellaris Clown

Yellowtail Damsel



Random zoas

Kenya Tree


Maze Brain coral



2 turbo snails

Other snails...


Well, that's it for now!

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Ok, so I ordered the InTank media basket, fish saver, and the 5w fuge light.

I also ordered a Fishneedit 150w metal halide.

I will get pics as soon as they arrive.

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Yay! So today I got the stuff that I ordered. :) The bad news is that nothing fits except the media basket and the fish saver. But the MH is a bit weird because I can't put it in a standing mode with the fish saver. :angry: But tommorow I have the whole day to fix this.

I'll get pics up when me have the time.

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Looks awesome. How do you have your fuge set up? Are you just using the remaining space in chamber 2 as the fuge without a comtainer of anykind?

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Might go to the lfs tommorow and buy another fish and a couple of sps corals. :)

I'm goin to look for bird's nest and superman monti and maybe a monti cap.

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Tank looks great!

What kind of camera do you use? /settings?

Believe it or not, I use a regular Sony Cyber-shot DSC with regular "point and shoot camera" settings. I am lookig to upgrade to a SLR in the future.

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Nice looking tank!


150w MH?!?! Wow...I only have a 70w and I am cutting back stuff all the time to keep it from over growing. Yours is going to be insane!

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Thanks guys, yeah the 150w MH I got because my parents always bug me about why the corals are so small. That's why I got this, for the growth and for clams, and SPS.

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Yes, I got a maxima clam!!! :o Yes I know, my tank is only about 4 months old but I made sure that my parameters are in pristine conditions. Here's a pic:



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So, I reaquascaped my cube so I can get more room for corals. :)




I'm probably going to order 15 dwarf ceriths from reef cleaners and buy some rainbow rics!

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