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NC6 Media Basket

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Here's how I built the media basket for my NC6.


It's really hard to get a hand into those back chambers, it would be near impossible to retrieve any sort of media..


I couldn't build a full enclosure because of the back lip, so I decided to design something that would allow me to swivel the basket, yet still maintain full use of the whole chamber.


Here's what I came up with, let me know what you think:




Tools I used for the construction of media basket:




I also used a jigsaw for most of the cutting, but the fine toothed hand saw works just as well for cutting plexiglass.


First I taped the areas to be cut with masking tape, this prevents chipping and gives you a better surface to mark up.




After getting all of the pieces cut and adding my egg crate shelf, I (went overboard) tacked it all together with gel super glue for a :scarry:fingerscrossed test fit. You could alternativly use tape when tacking it together or clamps and wooden braces:




Here's what it looks like from a few different angles:








The egg crate swivels so it can tuck in under the back lip, and it fits!




Perfect fit, no dead space and it should force the water through the floss, then chemi-pure.




Total cost = $0.00


I had this crap sitting around due to a dart frog tank that never got off the ground... -_-


I reinforced all of the joints with aquarium silicone and I'm going to wait a few days until I put it in the tank.


I may even soak it in a pitcher full of tank water to allow it to cure or leech anything out, not sure if it's even an issue though.


Should I try chaeto on top of it all with an LED? I've heard it wouldn't be needed on such a small tank with weekly water changes and may even cause problems...?

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