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Innovative Marine Aquariums

Brian's random reef pics

Brian Crook

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2nd clam photo and monti photo would be cooler if you used the rule of thirds on it, IMHO.



Otherwise, you're doing well. Keep at it! :)

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Yeah, I definitely agree. At this time I've mainly been focusing (no pun intended) on learning about my camera and taking clearer photos, but I will certainly be spending a lot of time considering the composition when I get more comfortable.

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Alright, so... I ended up exchanging my original new camera and picked up one of these badboys instead!




Time to start reading another manual! :P


I'll delete all my noob pictures above and post some lesser-noob pictures when I get a chance to try it out.

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vote for crappiest picture thread yet!!!...only a pic of a camera???...lol...jk


I've got some real pics up there for you now! :P


(see original post)

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