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New Sub Gallon Reef Tank Startup


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I found two of these tanks that I finally got a hold of and now it's time to do something with em'


Here is a basic rundown on what I have so far, then I will go into what I am planning on doing with it.


I have the tank (Two of them exactly....) And the water volume is slightly under a gallon, but a little over while using the hang on back filter...


I also have two of the mini hang on back filters I was lucky enough to find online which fit the tanks PERFECTLY.


Since each HOB is rated to power 3 gallons I think I should be fine..... Using some live sand and LR to assist in filtration, and I think the water overflow from the filter is enough for water movement.


I have always enjoyed the pico reefs the most (In my own definition a pico is under 5 gallons)


I will really be experimenting with this smaller one and really seeing what I actually can keep in there.... I was thinking about starting with a blue hippo tang or a sting ray (OK, that was only a joke....)


I would really like to add some mushrooms, and smaller zoa frags and just go from there.. but we will see how it turns out... I think I have a lot cut out for me for what I am wanting to do already....


I will be making a custom stand and canopy that will be used to house everything... (The LED light fixture I am creating... with the best of help possible on LED's - Evil66) <-- thanks again for the help!


I will be running 5 Cree Lights over the top of this... 2 of the 460 nm from nanotuners website, 2 royal blue from ledsupply and 1 cool white for the daylight that will be mounted dead center....


I am going to be using 3 different LED drivers to control everything, and want to try and make a programmable led module that will create a sun up with only the actinics, daylight with the actinics and royal blues, and a mid afternoon simulation with the center mounted cool white... then reverse it all back down for night time and have the moonlight cut on.....


Here are some pictures of what I have so far... feel free to follow along or ask any questions... you can also view my other thread on my reef vase I currently have going as well....


And now for the images...






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The name of the tank is the "Petco Designer betta home"


They use to be sold by petco but you can't find them anywhere anymore.... I lucked out and found someone on Craigslist that had two of them they sold to me.... I wish I could find some more myself....


where'd you get those tanks, their awesome and i have the same exact filter i'm itching to use.
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dont know if this tank is still being built, but thought id chime in....


i ran the same tank as little pico a few months back, ran a 9W Picotope fixture as lighting, and the same little redsea nano HOB too. i found the hydor heating pads fit perfectly in the back of the filter, and can be turned down via a dimmer switch if needed.


one thing to be careful about it that the tanks bow, and i actually had one split a seam on me in the middle of the night. luckily i had a spare on hand to transfer everything to.


mine ran for about 8 months before i tore it down due to a move, theres a thread about the build somewhere on here. i kept everything from acropora to steronephyea, loved the tank. an ATO is an absolute must tho, i lost a half a hamster bottle a day in evap, although less heat with your LEDs should help with that.


looking forward to seeing the progress here :)

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great start Kev Im sure you will do well with them. This is roughly your 9th current pico have you got help yet Sir lol.


What about a multi hamster bottle approach, a little bank of 3 of them mounted nicely on the wall somewhere behind it that ought to take topoffs out beyond a week maybe cool beans@

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