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Coral Vue Hydros

Daytime Cloudy Water


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This seems odd to me, I've had my new tank cyling for a few weeks. Got all zeros on the tests so I started using the light about 6 hours a day for about a week now and am getting expected algea growth.


To me the odd thing is that the last few days, the tank is cloudy during the day, then clears up with the light on after a few hours. By morning with the light off all night the tank is very clear then gets cloudier all day until I turn the light on again.


What is this all about or am I just going nuts?




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that sounds weird to me. how cloudy is the tank? sometimes it's the way the water looks when the sunlight shines on the tank.


are you adding cal/alk supplements to the tank periodically? generally you see precipitation when you overdose on additives.


It could be a case of bacteria bloom due to small spikes as well.


In any case, do some water change and run some activated carbon.

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Thanks for the comments. I'm not adding anything to the water. I did a water change yesterday. I'm sure this is nothing to worry about just a bit odd and I need to let this thing mature a bit more.

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Thanks will do. I am running carbon. Any thoughts on how often I need to replace it?


You can run the carbon up to a month, but 2-3 weeks might be better. Also it's not a bad idea to pull it out every couple of days and knead it to keep it from channeling

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