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Epoxy for rock wall

Clown Fish 39

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Clown Fish 39

Hello every one, I was thinking about making a rock wall for a ten gallon tank

I was wondering if I could gorilla glue epoxy?

It was the only epoxy that did not say not for aquariums

also it said it released no toxins when dry

also the only great stuff I could find was big gap filler , it has a

high expansion rate and comes out black?

Do you think the epoxy and foam will be okay?

Thank you very much

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The black pond foam found in the garden section at you local big box hardware store works great. No need to use epoxy on that even if you do cut & trim it.


The window section will have the cheaper great stuff foam. Make sure theres nothing like anti-mildew stuff added to it. I've also seen it at end isles at the lumber areas


For epoxy, I went to a model railroad shop and picked up a few packs of the 2 part epoxy. Forget the name but I believe its the Bob Smith Industries product. Ask the clerk, they know.


with the great stuff foam you MUST epoxy any and all exposed foam.


note: the black foam is more expensive (around $15/can) but the other route (~$3/can great stuff and ~$8 for 4oz epoxy) you may spend more (depends on wall size and how you apply the epoxy).

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