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.6 gallon LED-powered Acro forest

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c_k - Thanks, I completely agree. Can't wait to see how all of these different ideas and tank-types turn out.


Nemo - I do want at least one stag-type for that straight shot vertical growth. I think it will be very easy to show growth through pictures with a coral of that type and I'm also very interested to see what happens when the coral hits the surface. I want to see the reaction. Does it thicken up? Does it branch out? Will the branched growth be nearly as quick as the vertical growth? Will it simply encrust and then push up another vertical branch? It should be really interesting. I'm thinking probably four pieces on the floor of the tank right now with two, maybe three encrusters on the back wall. I'm leaning toward small chips of monti for the encrusters but I may have to throw a cyphastrea in there for good measure. I want to have the plumbing running for a bit before I decide on the encrusters though as it looks to be fairly turbulent so I want the coral type to fit the flow it's going to catch. Depending on the hidey holes and whatnot available I would also love to see an acro crab make it's home in this tank. That will likely come farther down the line and closer to the August deadline so as to have good growth for it to hide in and feel comfortable. Don't want it wandering around four little sticks and some snail shells.



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