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Coral Vue Hydros

Monthly Reef Profile (TOTM) Nominations

Christopher Marks

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Wow, I didn't realize my name was being mentioned here. Thanks! My pico took a hard hit this past month and a half, my consistency in maintaining the tank was very hectic. Its recovering, but I will need to substitute the monti and blasto and re-nurish the sun coral. I just updated my thread, so you guys can see what I'm talking about.

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Christopher Marks

Thanks everyone for the nominations! Some aquariums aren't quite old enough to be featured, but will definitely be considered in the near future. Others might be going through a rough patch or a bought of algae, but they will definitely be considered again.


Those of you whose nano reefs have been nominated, please keep your aquarium journals updated with full tank shots at least once a month :)

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Oh, ok. Are there any other requirements they have to meet?


Check the first post, first page... amazing.


Most all of them have looked mature and have a nice colorful variety of corals.

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Featured reefs are chosen for a myriad of reasons. Some of these reasons may include aquarium maturity, unique livestock, aquascaping, clever DIY builds, minimalism, or system automation.

Don't think we've had any tanks that were nominated because of that yet... ;)

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pj68 for at least one of those. he's going to get a brand new FTS very soon as he touched up his tank. never been a better time to feature his picotope when that happens.

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  • Christopher Marks changed the title to Monthly Reef Profile (TOTM) Nominations

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