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Monthly Reef Profile (TOTM) Nominations

Christopher Marks

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Jacob is just bieng modest, he deserves it. I think he should be a mod as well,



JACOBNANO for moderator, and TOTM.

+1 Lol he almost has 10k posts!

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I disagree, I'm very selective to give praise but after admiring your tanks along with reading a few posts I'm willing to put it in writing:" You should get credit, for credit is due". As far as qualifications your tanks speak for themselves.

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Yea, he steals innocence. He is scary. Just like being a mod :lol:



Anyway back to nominations. I can't wait to see who wins for August!

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i would like to Pledge Jacob for next mod, just truely wonderful reefer. he deserve it! i can't wait to see who is next month too! :)

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So I had a dream last night that I got TOTM with my current tank and I was actually pretty pissed that I got it out of nowhere. Mostly, I knew I didn't deserve it because there were a lot of other better tanks and i knew other people would like hate me for getting it whith a non-established mediocre tank... which in the dream you all did...


Anyway in my little TOTM thread or whatever people were posting like hate messages rather than the usual "congrats man! well deserved!"

I was pretty happy to wake up and realize it was a dream. Lol in the dream I wanted to give it away to Jacob because I knew he wanted it pretty bad.


MORAL OF THE STORY is that jjjo should get it next.

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