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Monthly Reef Profile (TOTM) Nominations

Christopher Marks

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I'd like to nominate dexter1080's 29g biocube for TOTM. It may not fit the typical criteria, but please read this guy's inspirational story and look at what he's been able to do w/ his tank given the challenges life has presented him. This guy is an inspiration to all of us and his story is a reminder of how we should never give up. Many new reefers face challenges entering the hobby, some giving up, and I think seeing Brendon's story and tank on the front page for a month would be encouraging and inspiring to those newer reefers facing challenges in this hobby, as well as everyone else.






Dexter's 29 has my vote.

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Uhuru's Non Photosynthetic


Bongo Shrimp's 29 Gallon lagoon


Bongo Shrimp's 29 Gallon reef


Aaron1997's Column Reef


Seahorsedreams 60 G Scorp Tank


Dave Fason's 35G Reef


Violinists 20L Reef


Jamies 5.4Gallon ADA Pico


Dexter1080's 29Gallon Reef


Podpimp's Reef


All amazing

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Wow- Dexter1080's story is incredible. It illustrates the power of this hobby, and it needs to be shared with others. I hope to see him nominated!

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seahorsedreams scorp tank and konolua volcano are great choices as well as


Adam (Divecj5) 20G


Rich (Podpimp) Solana


Dave Fasons 35G



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volcano shuld actually be totm next month, imo.....


I say this, because i know it's broken down now.

so if not now, then never... ya know?

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As a long time member of N-R, I also nominate Volcano for TOTM!


Even though it's technically not a Nano, I say we make an exception to the size requirements and nominate Volcano as well. Any tank that has received the recognition it has, deserves it.


All the Ayes say..........

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  • Christopher Marks changed the title to Monthly Reef Profile (TOTM) Nominations

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