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Konolua - Volcano Tank


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****Current Pictures****


konolua said:





















konolua said:


































































****Original Post****


Hello everyone! I am new to the forum, and new to forums in general actually. I am pretty proud of my newest venture so I thought I would post.


I had a 150g full reef tank that suffered from 100* water. Lost it because of a $1 blown fuse. The irony was my spare fuse (which I always have) was busted too, so I thought it was the chiller, and did not have the dollars to buy a new chiller on the spot. I ended up giving the (living) livestock to the LFS. I had no intent to start back up again. It didn't take longer than 2 months for the itch to become overwhelming! So, I started a new project.


I had no intent to try to recreate the previous reef tank, so I went for different. Ordered up a custom tank 48x24x12 and had a center overflow put in, though slight set back from dead center. I plumbed the chiller loop through the bottom. I built a Volcano-like structure around the overflow and out of the water. My over-all design came about as I wanted to house coastal type crabs that spend 50% of their time outside the water. I wanted to keep the rock wet to help simulate their natural environment, and I had no intent to simulate tides, so a waterfall type situation was my choice. From the sump return, I split it off into a 1/4 airline feed that I then split three ways. One fills a small rock reservoir that spills into a small rock basin. The other two feed the right side of the Volcano. One spills down the front and into the water, and the back one, which I made as a very slow drip, basically moistens the rock....as the crabs will spend time on moist rock. Turned out well. Because of placement, it is not loud (intentional) as it is in our living room.


Of course there is no canopy, so I hung two 150w HQI's leaving the tip of the volcano dark. That was also intentional, but I have considered spot-lighting it (like you would a painting). Still going back and forth on feasability and is-it-worth-it considerations, as I liked the idea of the tip of the volcano being dark (like when you see clouds over the tip of a real volcano).


I have a sump underneath and have the light ballasts, chiller, and second pump outside in a waterproof and ventilated "shed." I am particularly proud of the automatic water change set up I plumbed. I have a drain that feeds underground to the drainage ditch and an input from my trash can that I mix the water in. Besides H2O mix time and glass cleaning time, water changes take 3-4 minutes.


This project is fun because it is nothing like anything I have done before on this size of scale, so I am learning so many things along the way! I am not attempting to recreate a particular habitat (I don't have the skills of some of the members here!), so my livestock choices may not be "proper." I am doing SPS and LPS, and depending on the tendancies of the crabs, I would love to get clams in there too, because they are so beautiful from above...which I have the previledge of seeing from above!


As this is my first post, I would love some feedback. Both complimentary and constructively critical. If you happen to not like it, try to be cordial with me on your feedback so I am not discouraged to continue to post! :D


Thank you in advance for taking a look. I have seen some of the member's tanks here and I am truly humbled. Hopefully you will enjoy taking a look at what I have spent a lot of time on here!

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This is from the ground. I liked this picture, that is why I added it!



This is from the left, and you can see the rock basin (the horizontal rock) a little better. Already, only after 3 weeks, it has wonderful micro algaes and the start of coraline. The waterflow through it is surpisingly strong, so I may put some polyps or something there....



Here's a close up of that part. Now, this was right at the beginning, which is why it looks different. I have not taken a close up. Even as I type this, I realize that I should have done that. Oh well, I will soon.



Here is the right side. You can see on the left part of the rock, it is all wet. The water moves fairly fast here. On the right, you will see a black hole, and the drip line is directly above that. Because I made the water drip so slow, it is hard to tell it is even an active drip...the rock always appears magically wet. As such, the crabs hang here a lot.



Here is one of the crabs....



Here is a far shot from the right.


As I mentioned, only my original two shots were current (the thing changes everyday almost...as you all know), so I will take a couple more close ups as well as a couple pictures of the set up itself. I saw in almost every post people asking for pictures! So, I guess that is what everybody likes to see.


Thanks again to everyone for looking.

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I WANT MOAR!!!!!!!!
































please. :flower:

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Here is the side access and the skimmer. Disregard the crooked drain line. I have to re-silcone a spot (used this huge drain line) and I didn't tighten it yet.





This is the front access, left side. The pickup drops and exits the side of the stand and elbows outside. The return for that same line is down there too, but not visible. The pump is the return through the overflow.





You can see the drilling, and I did not aimlessly put holes in the stand, the weird holes are the former needs of the previous reef tank. The chiller return line is visible in the back.





Here is a close up of that return. Not sure why I showed this. Oh well.





Here is the "shed" I mentioned. Rubbermaid. Waterproof. I drilled holes in it, attached screen and small water diverters for instances of rain or sprinklers. The attachment for the trash can for mixed water is on the left.





Here is the inside. The return from the pump supplies the chiller line and it returns back into the house. The red handle off the return line is what leads to the drain line under ground. Open it and water drains from the tank. The intake for the pump is from the PVC pipe. The red handle branched from the PVC pipe is the alternate intake from the trash can to replenish the water level during water changes. Man, that makes my life so much easier!

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You know, going through my pictures for this post, I found a couple pictures from my old reef tank, so I will throw those up as well. Never had a chance to properly represent it on a site like this.....


150 gallons.




2 400 watt 20k's installed. Not too sure why it looks purple, but looked cool to me.






The left 2/3rds of the tank.






"Big fish" we called him, a Desjardini Sailfin Tang. He will be coming back to us.....






I loved this picture.






This was a little earlier in it's life....(you'll notice the pink bird's nest is in a different location)






This is Big Fish and Purple Tang. Purple Tang is in the Volcano already.








Wowzers. Very nice! I haven't seen such a unique tank in awhile! Thank you for sharing and welcome to nano-reef!


Thanks. This is fun sharing. I never have done this before. I would always look at everyone else's....


Wow. This just blew my mind. Way to think outside the box, my friend. Pun intended.


Can't wait to see more!


Thanks! I sat conceptualizing for a full 3 days....literally.....3 days. I was on vacation and did NOTHING else except sit and sketch. I am glad you like it! I hope it turns as beautiful as some of the tanks I have seen here.

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Holy $%#*!!! Undoubtedly the most original and one of the most beautiful concepts I've seen on here! Your 150 was an awesome looking tank as well. I like the left 2/3rds shot, the reflection looks like a Monet painting...but better. Welcome to Nano-reef, please keep posting and thanks for sharing!

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totally mind blowing for me!! omgomgomg

those pic`s were out of this world

the tanks (both) are a credit to you

thank you for sharing those pic`s :bowdown::bowdown:

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Wow! Thanks for all the kind words!


I can't wait to see this grow into something awesome. I will post a couple pictures today that are a little more detailed when the lights come on.


Thanks everyone!

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Wow that is amazing!


The evaporation will be a PITA but I think it will be worth it haha


Gallon a day.



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This tank is sooo cool. If you grow corals in the waterfall it would be amazing, but if the pump ever fails they would dry out, so don't use anything too valuable. Good job!

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O M G!!! Sorry to the rest of you here... But, this is my new favorite tank of all time!!! Unique FTW!!!


Be very very proud of this build bro!



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