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Coral Vue Hydros

JTumbleweeds 40br SPS/Clam


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nice move.

Thanks! Things are already looking better, and my calcium and alk levels are much more stable.


Your tanks are awesome BTW.

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You probably feel like you have so much room now. What are your plans going forward, as far as corals and fish.


All the extra room is amazing. Everything is so much further away from the blinding halides, everything looks happier. As far as stocking goes, I'm not exactly sure yet. I can't really afford to buy a lot of corals, or I would have more exotic ones already. I tend to have to just keep dosing 2 part and let what I have get bigger. Ever since I started with corals I have been selling the older, not so interesting ones and buying better, more colorful corals. I will probably have to stick to this style a whole longer.


I am going to go to Sacramento tomorrow with some people and check out the shops down there, so I am hoping to find an interesting fish or two to bring home. The tank is so empty with only a few fish, most of which hide all day (Yasha with shrimp buddy underground, clown hosting hammer, Angel in and out of rocks...).

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Do you feel like you get enough spread of light from front to back with the sunpod? I'm thinking of switching from my TEK 6 bulb fixture on my 40 Breeder to a 2x150 sunpod. My tank is pretty SPS heavy.

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Yeah I haven't noticed any problem with light spread at all. T5s have better spread of course, but I haven't had any trouble growing anything on the sides of the tank with the halides. The 40 is so short that the light doesn't have far to go as it fans out. I would go for it, but you'll have to find a used Sunpod because they are discontinued.

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Hey man, hope things are going well with the 58.


Anyway, I've been thinking about upgrading my 29g BC to a 40 breeder. Any general tips/comments/things to be weary of etc.? I planning on mostly lps with a few sps corals so I was thinking of going with t5s...

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Hey, thanks for asking, the 58 is great, I just came home with a new leopard wrasse for it.


With the 40 I would definitely go with T5s because I had trouble keeping any LPS in that tank without burning them. Other than the lighting I think you probably can get the rest going. I would suggest that you DEFINITELY drill the tank for an overflow and returns. I had the 40 for almost two years without a sump and let me tell you, being limited to all hang-on-the-back stuff SUCKS. Sumps are the way to go, for sure.


Good luck, let me know when you start a build thread!

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