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How long does the molting process take for an emerald crab?

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Just curious because I think my emerald crab is molting. I'm wondering how long it usually takes.

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Anyone know? :/

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Depends on how fast he is growing which depends on how much he is eating. I've had mine for 2 months and he hasn't molted yet.

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mine never molted in 3 months, when he finally did it was a bad molt :( , i replaced him with a bigger and better one. :)

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Dont think the OP is asking how long between molts but once the crab begins molting how long does the process take.


I dont know how long an emerald takes but I did watch the molt process of my pom pom crab. Stayed shy for two days, then by accident I saw him slip out of its shell (and grab its pom poms), that took 5 or 6 minutes. After that it stayed hidden for a day until its shell hardened up. I expect an emerald is not much different.

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I ordered an emerald crab from online about 3 weeks ago, two of which it has remained frozen on the sand bed. I drip acclimated as recommended and as usual, resulted in a clean transition and it started eating some algae right away. After a few days I found it upside down in the sand clutching a rock to his belly. I've pulled it out a few times and his legs move and it blinks its eyes but doesnt try to crawl away. When I put it back in the tank it will clamp its legs back to its body and freeze up. 


I am under the impression its molting, but having taken so long I am worried. He has slowly faded in color starting from the legs and rear working forward. I see his mouth feelers moving. Ive been expecting him to die but hes definitely alive.


The tank is 10g with Kessil a80

1 Kenya Tree

1 Meteor Shower Cyph

1 Clown

1 Firefish

1 Nassarius snail (laying eggs like crazy)



Salinity- 1.024

Calcium- 490

PH- 8.1

KH-  13.5 - 14 (hard to judge)

NO2- 0

NO3- <1

PO4- .03

Ammonia- 0

Mg- 1400

Fe- 0 - .05

K- 400 

I2- .07 - .08


I was dosing NoPOx (.2ml and <) to control algae and high PO4 before adding fish for about 2 weeks. At the same time dosing RS Reef Energy AB for the tree and cyph, which look healthy. I havent started dosing RS Foundation or Trace Elements. I have them both and my knowlege base is expanding quickly but I need some guidance. 





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