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Cultivated Reef

rocky shore biotope


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Pistol shrimp could have their own rockpool away from the crabs etc


What's to stop the crabs going to the other pools?


Love this tank you've currently got btw though! Just imagining the crabs ripping pistol shrimps about like they did the plants.

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I've drawn up some small rough sketches. The concept is pretty complicated and is difficult to draw. Hopefully they are readable..


The concept is based off the original tank, but the land area is a series of rockpools that flow from the top to the main lowest pool.

The different pools could house animals that would otherwise eat each other if they were in the same pool. For instance the olive anemones could have their own wee rockpool away from the pink anemones and shrimp. Pistol shrimp could have their own rockpool away from the crabs etc.




these enlarged sketches are the side views of the tank showing four different rock pools. The rock-work would be made the same way as the original tank Where the foam rock meets the glass I'd paint it mat black as in the original tank.



By this stage I'm too lazy to colour the front elevation. The straight line would be the water line of the front pool.



I got a little confused drawing the plan, so it doesn't quite make sense, so I tried figuring out the layout with an isometric sketch..


I got more confused and gave up as the picture shows. Hopefully it still illustrates the basic concept of the tank..

I plan on making a scale model so I can get a better idea how to fit it all together.


I'll go over my ideas for things like filtration, chilling, pumps extra in my next post


This is amazing. I have been kinda toying with an idea very similar to this for some time now. I would love to make a PNW tide pool tank one day and have the tide come in and out.


I was thinking of a telescoping drain pipe but I think this is a better idea to make it work :)

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I've been really slack about making a new tank, but lately I've been getting motivated to make it.

The crab has pretty much outgrown the old one. Now all that's left is the crab a bunch of anenomes and a few snails on borrowed time. The pistol shrimps died a while ago and I never bothered to replace any live stock.

I'm going to make a new thread for the new build. I'll be needing a lot of advice on a bunch of diy topics.


Here's a drawing I did on my tablet to show what I'm imagining-


I want the new tank to have rocks/crevices for smaller creatures to hide under/in so that the big crab has a harder time catching and eating them. I'm not going to get too upset when she does though because the sea is just 5 minutes down the road to restock/collect live food.

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I love your current build, the new design looks really cool as well. If you can get the water to flow well it should turn out great :).

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You make an excellent rendering- we can totally envision what you're looking to do. And it looks fantastic.

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